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Autism Awareness Month: MPD Initiates SafeWatch Program

Tuesday, April 2, 2019
In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, Malden PD has implemented a new program called  SafeWatch that will help officers identify residents who are at-risk of wandering from home and becoming lost.  Knowing that some people in the community have condition(s) that may cause them to wander, be unsafe, or pose a danger to themselves or others, we have implemented this program.  The program will give officers critical information they need to quickly find a missing person.  It is free, voluntary, and confidential and is designed to better equip us when responding to a crisis situation.  If you are a family member of a person with a disability or condition that might cause them to wander from their safe environment, please register that person with us by submitting the form under the "Resources" tab above.  Please email photos to  Questions can also be directed to Sgt. Kelley at 781-397-7171 ext 1226.